Victoria Park Golf Course Wedding Brisbane


Madonna & Luke

Married 19th of September, 2015 – Victoria Park Golf Course Wedding Brisbane

What an amazingly beautiful day it was last Saturday for Madonna & Luke’s wedding held at Victoria Park Golf Course.    Madonna looked absolutely stunning as she walked down the aisle along with the adorable little flower girls.  It was so easy to see how much the friends and family of this couple enjoyed watching the lovely ceremony and seeing Madonna and Luke make their vows.  We were so lucky that the prediction of rain did not eventuate and we were able to capture some great moments with Luke and Madonna around the Victoria Park golf course after the wedding.  The ceremony was held in the Quartz room of the Victoria Park Golf Course – it was beautifully decorated with well thought out details and gorgeous lolly buffet.  It was such a privilege to be able to capture Madonna & Luke’s special day.  This is a sneak peak of their wedding.  Just a small portion of the lovely photos that were captured on the day.







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brisbane_wedding_photographer_009-2 brisbane_wedding_photographer_010


brisbane_wedding_photographer_011 brisbane_wedding_photographer_012-2

brisbane_wedding_photographer_019 brisbane_wedding_photographer_024 brisbane_wedding_photographer_023 brisbane_wedding_photographer_022 brisbane_wedding_photographer_021 brisbane_wedding_photographer_020


brisbane_wedding_photographer_025 brisbane_wedding_photographer_045-2 brisbane_wedding_photographer_044 brisbane_wedding_photographer_043 brisbane_wedding_photographer_042 brisbane_wedding_photographer_041 brisbane_wedding_photographer_040 brisbane_wedding_photographer_039 brisbane_wedding_photographer_038 brisbane_wedding_photographer_037-2 brisbane_wedding_photographer_036 brisbane_wedding_photographer_035-2 brisbane_wedding_photographer_034 brisbane_wedding_photographer_033 brisbane_wedding_photographer_032 brisbane_wedding_photographer_031 brisbane_wedding_photographer_030 brisbane_wedding_photographer_029 brisbane_wedding_photographer_028 brisbane_wedding_photographer_027 brisbane_wedding_photographer_026

Thank-you to Celia Hamilton for assisting and 2nd shooting with me for this wedding.

If you would like to enquire more about having Kylie Walls from First Glimpse Photography as your wedding photographer.  Or if you are looking for a Brisbane Wedding Photographer for your Victoria Park Golf Course Wedding Brisbane then please feel free to contact Kylie on or through her contacts page.  Kylie would love to talk to you about capturing your special day.