[Such a happy, adorable little boy] – First Glimpse Photography – Brisbane Family Photographer

This little boy has such an amazing little personality.  He was so happy and delightful.  I really enjoyed capturing him with his mum a week ago.  We almost cancelled this session due to rain but I’m so glad we didn’t – as the location that we took these photos was flooded during the week and imagine it may be a while before it’s restored to it’s former beauty.     


Bev brought this beautful rocking horse from home for the session.

This little teddy bear was a feature in our session.  It holds a lot of sentimental value as it is the size that Yanni was when he was born.  He was born 6 weeks early and was just over 2kgs. 

I love the stage toddlers go through when they’re first finding their feet.  It almost looks like their feet are a little too big for them.  That unique little walk is so charming.