Portrait Photography Locations Brisbane


Portrait Photography Locations Brisbane

Choosing between the available portrait photography locations Brisbane can be quite overwealming.  With First Glimpse Photography Kylie has tried to simplify things by conducting her sessions in a number of proven locations in Brisbane.  These locations all have beautiful light, plenty of space and a variety of backgrounds available.  The following are our standard portrait photography locations:

The Fieldtrip is a natural session captures your family relationships in an outdoor field or within parklands.

The Waterfront session captures your family relationships in a beach or waterfront setting.  There are a number of waterfront locations to choose from.

The Sandstone session captures your family relationships in a beautiful University setting with sandstone buildings and a lovely lake.

Extended Family sessions capture the large family as well as a range of groups within the family.  These sessions must be held in an appropriate location in the late afternoon or very early morning.  Focus is given to the larger family photos and limited individual photos will be taken.

If you have a particular location in mind then Kylie is happy to talk to you about whether it will be suitable for the type of session you desire.  Although Kylie desires to offer flexibility the quality of the final product can be effected by the light, space and backgrounds available in the location.  As it is always a priority to make sure the final product is of high quality Kylie will be happy to help guide you in selecting a good location option that will result in a final product you will love.

If you have any questions regarding portrait photography locations with First Glimpse Photography you can contact Kylie through the contacts page.