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Portrait and Wedding Photography Mentoring Brisbane


About Mentoring Sessions

Through photography mentoring Kylie is able to combine for passion for photography with her love of communicating and teaching.  Having had a previous career in high school teaching Kylie has a love of communicating and share what she knows with others.  The advantage of mentor sessions is that they will be taylored to you.  Unlike workshops which may cover many things you already know and touch on things that don’t really interest you, mentorships allow you to choose the things that you would like to focus on.   You can choose to have a menorship session with a group or friends or individually – depending on your circumstances.

What can you learn in Mentor Sessions

You can choose from a range of subjects.  Kylie recommends narrowing down your focus for each session to 1-2 topics per 2 hours of mentoring.  Here are some things you may want to cover in a mentoring session

Shooting and Camera Techniques
  • Understanding your manual camera settings and how they work together.
  • Understanding light (understanding the different types of light and how you can adjust you camera settings to account for each type)
  • Reading light (looking at a given situation and understand how the light will effect the images you will take.  Understanding light direction, getting nice catch-lights in eyes etc)
  • lense selection and understanding how different lense choices will effect how your image turns out (how much blur and distortion you will see)
  • Posing subjects (helping the subjects look relaxed and posing in a flattering way for different shapes/sizes)
  • Composition (creating visually appealing shots – how to create variety and add interest to your photos)
  • Photographing families (lots of tricks and tips on how I will get 5-6 family members all looking at the camera at one time and how to pose them appropriately)
  • Engaging with your subjects – tips and tricks on how to bring out the best in your subjects and keep your session running smoothly

Photography Mentoring sessions are generally held on weekends at one of my standard locations

2 hour session – $250
3 x 2 hour sessions – $600
3 x 2 hour session + business session – $750

You will need to provide your own models (people you can photograph, friends are usually used)  for shooting sessions (models can be provided for $100 for each session)

I will be happy to view any photos you process from your session and give you some feedback on processing.

Most mentor sessions will take place on weekends but I do have occassional weekday availability.  My preference is to try to do mentoring sessions in the early morning as the sun rises as it gives us the opportunity to expriment with a range of light.  I tend to be book with my clients in the later afternoons and therefore have limited availability for late afternoon weekend sessions.

Business skills

I am happy to sit down with you over a cup of coffee or a meal and discuss the direction of your business.  Things we could cover are:

  • Writing a business plan – finding a direction for your business
  • Evaluating the cost of being in business and helping you decide what is worth spending money on and what isn’t.
  • marketing/blogging/facebook – what might work and not work.
  • Branding your business to suit your clientelle.
  • Client relations – how to communicate clearly with your clients and make them pleased they did business with you.
  • Options for handling requests from friends/family who want photos done
  • Deciding if you should get a studio
  • Managing a wedding photography business.

Business Mentoring sessions are generally held at a coffee shop or restaurant in the evenings.

Cost of Business Mentoring Session (2 hours) – $250 (and the purchase of your meal/coffee)

If you would like more information on photography mentoring in Brisbane to help you develop your general photography skills or business skills then you can contact Kylie through the contacts page or by ringing 0478 628 378.