Big Floods

It’s been a very big week in our beautiful city of Brisbane.  Floods have ravaged suburbia as streets were turned into raging rivers.  Lives have been lost and many have lost all or some of their possessions.  My heart goes out to those who are hurting after the tragic events of the past week.  For those who have lost loved ones my deepest sympathy.  We are very thankful that we escaped the waters and our house remained dry – and despite being warned that we were a potential risk the water did not come even close to our house.  I did however have to evacuate for a few days to my mother’s house with the kids while our furniture was moved out of possible harms way.  It is amazing how much furniture can be lifted off the ground – these are photos of our lounge room and Amos’ room – completely turned upside down.

Thanks to those clients that have been understanding over the last week as your photos have taken a little longer to get back to you and a session needed to be cancelled.  Things are back to normal now and I will work extra hard to get everything back on track this week.  A few of my most favourite locations went underwater during the floods but I still have some great ones that are available to us until the clean-up is completed.

I swore that I was not going to let anything get in the way of me completing the 30 day challenge without cheating but it appears I did not account for natural disasters.  Rather than playing catch-up I think I’ll just pick it back up where I left it tomorrow.