Portrait Photography – FAQs

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography – Frequently Asked Questions

What if it rains on the day of the shoot?

Rescheduling is not a problem if the weather is not suitable on the day of the shoot.  If you require the shoot to go ahead for some reason then there is a wet weather option that Kylie is able to suggest, however in general Kylie’s preference is to cancel and do the session on a nicer day.

Are you going to pressure us into buying more than we want?

Absolutely not.  Purchasing decisions are generally made from the comfort of your own home and it is up to you what you want to purchase.

What if someone is ill?

This happens from time to time and rescheduling is available if you need to due to family illness.  Kylie does ask that you notify her as soon as possible if you suspect you my need to cancel so that she can make alternative plans.  Even if you are not totally sure a quick phone call to let Kylie know that a bit of illness is going through the house is appreciated.  Usually Kylie will be able to slot you in within a few weeks of your original session once you are all better and no additional fees will apply.

I noticed that your packages include the digital files – can I print these?  Are they full resolution?

Yes, when included in your package these files are large, full resolution files and suitable for printing.  You will recieve these high resolution files on a beautiful maple USB in a nicely presented case.  That means you have the choice of having your images printed through me guaranteeing the quality and colour will be perfect, or if you know a photography lab that does a good printing job then you can use them for a fraction of the cost.

How experienced are you at working with and photographing children?

Very!  I have four of my own.  I genuinely enjoy kids – both younger ones and teenagers and have extensive experience photographing them.  There’s not much they will do to surprise me and I enjoy exploring their unique personalities and bringing it to light within the images I take.

How do we go about choosing a location for our shoot?

I have some set of locations for my photography sessions where petite and standard sessions take place.  These cover a variety of different landscapes in different areas off Brisbane.  One of these is a standard green parklands setting and then I have a few waterfront settings to choose from.  There is also a location with beautiful sandstone buildings and a lake.  I encourage people to choose from one of these as they all have suitable light and conditions to ensure high quality portraits.  With the deluxe session I am able to come to your home or another specific location suggested by you.

Are you able to help us with choosing our clothing for the shoot?

Definitely, I’m more than happy to help.  I have a document that I will send you once you have booked which will guide you in your selections.  Most people opt to change at least once during the session so that there is more variety.  I encourage my clients to bring a good variety of clothing to the shoot and I can help with your selections when you arrive.

Am I able to include extended family in the shoot?

The session structure is different for extended family sessions and they therefore need to be booked specifically for this purpose.  However, I am happy to photograph smaller extended families that involve no more than two children as standard sessions.  Please ensure that you notify me if you plan to bring extended family to your session so I can discuss it with you before the session.  It is important that you realise that by including extended family in the session you will sacrifice some of the variety you would if you just had your own family.  If you wish to have a large extended family portrait then I am happy to consider your needs and desires and will inform you of whether I feel I will be able to meet you expectations.

Someone in my family has special needs, can you accomodate for this?

Definitely, I’m more than happy to accommodate you with whatever special needs your family members might have.