Daniel and Rachel’s Wedding Day

This wedding had it all!  A absolutely lovely couple.  A large supportive family.  Plenty of excited guests.  The best worship I’ve been a part of in a long time.  Plenty of prayer.  A large afternoon tea with fun speeches.  A trip to the hospital to visit Poppee who couldn’t make it to the wedding.  Two BIG storms coming over during the after photos.  Lots of smiles and laughs despite the weather.  Gumboots (that is a first and never has there been a more appropriate time!).  Followed by a elegant reception at the Toowong Rowing Club.  It was such a pleasure to be a part of your beautiful day Rachel and Daniel.  Your joy throughout (despite the crazy weather) was amazing and I have no doubt you will have many wonderful days ahead.   [Thank-you to Celia Hamilton for being the second shooter for this wedding].brisbane_wedding_01 brisbane_wedding_02 brisbane_wedding_03 brisbane_wedding_04 brisbane_wedding_05 brisbane_wedding_06 brisbane_wedding_07 brisbane_wedding_08 brisbane_wedding_09 brisbane_wedding_10 brisbane_wedding_11 brisbane_wedding_12 brisbane_wedding_13 brisbane_wedding_14 brisbane_wedding_15 brisbane_wedding_16 drwed_0688-2 brisbane_wedding_18 brisbane_wedding_19 brisbane_wedding_20 brisbane_wedding_21 brisbane_wedding_22 brisbane_wedding_23 brisbane_wedding_24 brisbane_wedding_25 brisbane_wedding_26 brisbane_wedding_27 brisbane_wedding_28 brisbane_wedding_29 brisbane_wedding_30 brisbane_wedding_31 brisbane_wedding_32 brisbane_wedding_33 brisbane_wedding_34 brisbane_wedding_35