Cake Smash Photo Shoot Brisbane


Abigail’s Turning 1 – We celebrated with a Cake Smash photo shoot

It was a real joy to meet these two adorable little girls for a fun cake smash photo shoot Brisbane at Minnippi Parklands.  Abigail is only a week or so off turning 1 now and this was a chance to capture that occasion and photograph her while she enjoyed some birthday cake.  I just love these sessions – it is so nice to be able to photography babies and children just enjoying their environment around them and see them delight in something new.  I fell in love with Abigail’s amazing big eyes and beautiful eye-lashes and adorable smile.  Paeton is a great big sister and it was also great to be able to capture their bond.  Some of my most favourite photos from this session are of Abigail with Kasey.  I know how often I am behind the camera and miss out on being in photos with my kids but it is so nice to be able to capture some real candid photos of a Mother’s bond with her children.

It was very hard to narrow down my favourites fro this session as there were so many but here are a few…



cake_smash_photo_shoot_2 cake_smash_photo_shoot_3 cake_smash_photo_shoot_4 cake_smash_photo_shoot_5 cake_smash_photo_shoot_6

If you like the look of these photos and would like to book a photo session with your family.  Possibly you would like your own cake smash photo shoot in Brisbane?  You can contact Kylie on 0478 628 378 or through her contacts page.  You can see another cake smash photo shoot here:  Bethany’s Cake Smash.