Wedding Photography – FAQs


Brisbane Wedding Photography – Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be my wedding photographer on the day?

Kylie Walls photographs all weddings as the principal shooter.  Kylie is a AIPP accredited wedding photographer with a decade’s worth of experience photographing weddings.  All the photos you see on this site are an example of her work (with the exception of the odd image taken by a 2nd shooter that was include within blog posts).

I noticed that your packages include the digital files – can I print these?  Are they full resolution?

Yes, when included in your package these files are large, full resolution files and suitable for printing.  You will recieve these high resolution files on a beautiful maple USB in a nicely presented case.  That means you have the choice of having your images printed through me guaranteeing the quality and colour will be perfect, or if you know a photography lab that does a good printing job then you can use them for a fraction of the cost.

How many full resolution files can we expect to receive?

This varies somewhat depending on the hours of coverage and where or not you opt to get a second shooter.  However you can rest assured that you will receive approximately 1000+ images from a standard wedding coverage.  The only photos that will be removed will be those where you have blinked or something similar has happened that has meant that a photo does not meet the standards of a reasonable image.  You will find that there are many candids that are captured of moments that you did not even witness on your day as well as more than one option for most portrait photos so that you can choose which expressions you prefer more.

What does a AIPP accredited photographer actually mean?

Kylie is a accrediate member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers.  This is a seal of approval from the governing body of photographers in Australia. The AIPP is there to ensure you that a photographers work is up to professional standards and they have signed a standard of conduct that ensures that they will be have as a professional when they work within the industry. In order to be accepted a photographer needs to go through a fairly thorough examination process so you can be assured that if you choose a photographer that is a member of the AIPP you will be hiring a professional who is a expert in their field.

Please not that the WPPI (Wedding Photographers Association), although a wonderful supporting photography organisation does not require photographers to go through a submission process in order to be accepted so displaying their logo is not equivalent to the AIPP which has strict and high standards for accreditation.

What type of camera and equipment do you use?

I primarily shoot with a professional Canon 5D Mark III.  I have a backup 5D as well as a range of L series lenses.  These include the 70-200mm 2.8 L (that’s that big grey scary lens that helps me take photos from a distance that look like I’m a lot closer – my favourite lens to use during ceremonies), the 28-70mm 2.8 L, the 50mm 1.4 L, a 100mm macro, the 16-35mm L.  I have a 580 flash as well as a 430 back-up flash.  All of this equipment is well maintained and serviced.  You can be assured that I have invested in high quality, professional photographic equipment that will give you wonderful good quality images.  However, I have also spent my life perfecting the art of using this equipment which means I can use it to it’s full potential.  Because we all know that taking good photographs is about much more than just pushing the shutter on a super fancy, expensive camera.

Do you have insurance?  

Absolutely.  I have public liability insurance and my camera equipment is fully insured.

We’ve never had professional photos taken before.  Will you tell us what to do?

The majority of my couples are not familiar with having their photos taken so this will not phase me at all.  I will give you clear directions, but will also leave some space within my directions for there to be room to capture genuine expressions and affection.  You can rest assured that I will give the right amount of direction that I feel is needed for you to be captured at your best.  I find this is mostly a intuitive process as I get to know each couple.  The engagement session really helps to aid this process of you becoming more comfortable in front of the camera and me coming to understand how you photograph best as individuals.

Are you going to pressure us into buying more than we want?

Absolutely not.  Purchasing decisions after the wedding are generally made from the comfort of your own home and it is up to you what you want to purchase.

Will you bring anyone else to the wedding with you?

Most of the time, with the exception of very small weddings or when there is a lot of travel with a tighter budget Kylie will bring someone with her to assist her throughout the day.  This person helps to free Kylie to focus on her job of taking photographs.  This person is not necessarily a experienced shooter and do not classify as a official second shooter but they will most likely take some photos at a few key points in the wedding to offer a different perspective and help insure that a key moment is not missed.

I do however offer the option of you including a official second shooter as part of your package.  If you choose this option you will receive someone who is qualified and experienced and definitely not someone who is training on the job.

Kylie shoots with a 5D Mark III which copies every exposure to two separate cards ensuring that there is a ongoing back-up of your images happening throughout the day.

How much time will we need for the photography on our wedding day?

I encourage you to leave approximately 1/2 an hour for family portraits and then 1 1/2 – 2 hours from after that until you arrive at your reception (definitely 2 if you are travelling to a different location for these photos as the distance we need to travel can be a challenge with Brisbane wedding photography).  This will give us plenty of time to capture beautiful images without needing to rush.  No-one likes to be rushed on their wedding day.  If you have already booked your ceremony/reception and do not feel you have this amount of time we are always able to do a first reveal photo session before the wedding.  I promise I will still make seeing each other for the first time special as we capture it on camera.  If you would like help thinking through your wedding day timeline then Kylie would be more than happy to meet with you or speak to you on the phone to help you with this.

How long will it take for use to receive our images after the wedding?

If you are happy for me to I will post a few of your images within a few weeks of the wedding so that you can share them with family and friends.  You can expect to receive your full set of images around 4 weeks after the wedding.

Do you offer canvas’, and wedding albums?

I offer both of these as well as a range of other photographic products.  If you would like to see more of these I encourage you to go to my pricing page and download the pricing PDF where you can find all the photographic products and album options.

Do we need to provide you with a meal at the reception?

You are not required to do this, I’m definitely not bothered if I need to pack myse something for me to have for dinner.  However, it is always appreciated when a meal is provided when I’m covering the reception.  This one is very much up to you.

Are you willing to travel for our wedding?

Absolutely.  I am not just available for Brisbane Wedding Photography.   My packages include travel within 100 km so include the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Tambourine.  I’m also willing to travel further in Qld, interstate and overseas.  Please ask me to send you a custom quote for your wedding location and I’d be more than happy to do that for you.

We have children in our bridal party.  How experienced are you at working with and photographing children?

Very!  I have four of my own.  I genuinely enjoy kids – both younger ones and teenagers and have extensive experience photographing them.  There’s not much they will do to surprise me and I enjoy exploring their unique personalities and bringing it to light within the images I take.

What happens if you are sick on our Wedding Day?

My husband often points out that I don’t know how to stop, even when I’m sick and probably should.  I have found this resilience to illness quite handy as a Wedding Photographer because there are times when I need to brave a full wedding day even when I’m not feeling 100%.  You can be reassured however that if I was really not feeling able to produce my best I would bring extra insurance with me by way of a qualified 2nd shooter to make sure that between us we captured your day perfectly.  I have never missed a wedding, or come even close to it but we can never discount the possibility of something really serious happening.  In the rare event that this happens I would make sure that I replaced myself with a equally qualified and experienced photographer.  I have many professional relationships with other photographers that would help make this possible.  It is really important to me that your wedding is photographed really well and I will make sure that this is done regardless of circumstances.

Why do you include a engagement shoot in your packages?

A big part of getting good images is having you feel comfortable in front of the camera and relaxed and happy while your photos are being taken.  An engagement session allows you to become more familiar with Kylie, the camera and the idea of having your photos taken.  On your wedding day it is nice when your photographer walks in while you are preparing for the wedding to be able to welcome someone you are familiar with and be able to relax and not worry about the camera’s presence.  The engagement shoot also helps Kylie to familiarise herself with you which will help her to do a better job on the day.  All in all, the engagement session is a really wonderful bonus inclusion in your session and adds great value to your whole experience.

Someone in my family or bridal party has special needs, can you accomodate for this?

Definitely, I’m more than happy to accommodate you with whatever special needs your family members or other guests might have.

Should we give you a list of the photos we would like at our wedding?

It is very helpful for me to have a list of the formal family photographs you would like to have taken after the wedding.  I will work straight from this list with my assistant helping to ensure that I capture all of these images on the day.  Similarly, if you have a few special people who you want to ensure are captured within the candids during the day I will be happy to keep this in mind and accommodate wherever I can.  However, with regard to detailed lists of shot requests for throughout the wedding day I have found in the past that this highly inhibits me from doing the best job possible on the day.  This is because I spend the day looking at a list trying to make sure that I am getting all the images that have been requested.  On the average wedding day my eye is on the viewfinder the majority of the day looking out for precious candid moments and making sure I’m focused and ready to capture all the key moments of the day.  My hands are not free to hold lists and my eyes are not available to look at them very often during the day.  It is therefore due to my desire to make sure that I give the very best to my clients and my desire to not leave them feeling that their expectations haven’t been met that I do not work from detailed request lists.  However, if you have 2 or 3 shots that you are really hoping for on the day I’m happy to take this on board and take them into consideration when I am photographing your wedding day.

We think you might be the photographer for us.
How can we book you?

That’s great.  I’m more than happy to make myself available to answer any other questions you might have either in person or on the phone.  If you would like to enquire as to whether Kylie is available for your wedding date you can contact her through her contacts page or on 0478 628 378.  In order to ensure that your date is locked in you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of 1/3 of your package price as well as fill out a Wedding Photography Agreement.  Kylie will be happy to help assist you through this.