[A mum and her two girls] – Brisbane Portrait Photographer – First Glimpse Photography

I had a wonderful time photographing this lovely mum and her two beautiful girls this week.  This is such a wonderful age to get photos taken of your kids.  I often find that once kids get into primary school their parents loose enthusiasm for getting photos taken of them.  They have stopped changing quite as rapidly as they did when they were younger so it doesn’t seem as urgent.  But I encourage you not to wait too long!  Those little faces will continue to change and before you know it you will be looking at the faces of teenagers.  You want to capture them then as well of coarse but don’t forget to get some nice photos of those in-between years.  They are so precious.  

Anyway, I have diverged.  Here is a sneak peak of our session.  I found it hard to narrow down my favourites!