[30 Day Challenge – Day Thirteen] – First Glimpse Photography – Brisbane Lifestyle Photographer

A personal project to post every day for 30 days. Each post will document something from the everyday life of  my family.

Making Pizza

I arrived home today from a a shoot with no dinner plans so we decided that it was a good night for pizza.  But we didn’t cheat and get the take-away version – we decided to make our own.  The girls love making pizza.  It’s funny watching them.  Tegan could work for Dominos – she can make a pizza in 1 minute flat.  Throws as much as she can on, samples things along the way and then when she’s finished samples a bit more cheese and ham for good measure.  Natalie takes her time – after all it’s a work of art.  Anyway, they loved their pizzas – and even have leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch.

My tip for making pizzas with young children is have everything cut up first in bowls.  That way it minimises the mess and it’s a activity they can do quickly.  Even though it only takes them 5 minutes or so to make the pizza they love every moment of it.