[30 Day Challenge – Day Four] – First Glimpse Photography – Brisbane Lifestyle Photographer

A personal project to post every day for 30 days. Each post will document something from the everyday life of  my family.

Little Miss Sunshine & Little Miss Chatterbox

When I saw these pjs in Target I thought there were the perfect fit for out little girls.  Tegan is most definitely a little chatterbox.  From the age of 1 she started talking and has never stopped.  What she says is often cute and fun to listen to.  However there are times when she speaks her mind and it can be a little embarrasing – her language is a little ahead of her sensitivity.  Natalie is our little miss Sunshine.  She has a pretty postive view of the world, is easy-going and gets along with everyone.  Her smile lights up many people’s worlds.

The Out-takes

Just in case you were all thinking that it is easy getting photos of my kids looking nicely at the camera – you were mistaken.  There are always plenty of out-takes!  I try not to ask them to pose and smile all that often as it can cause tension. That is why posed photos of my kids together a few and far between.  So this day’s challenge was a reminder to me that sometimes it’s just not worth the effort or trying to get a posed photo.