[30 Day Challenge – Day Eighteen

Natalie Turns 5

I love planning my kids birthday parties.  I have a tendency to go overboard – my creative mind goes wild with ideas.  This year we decided to have a butterfly party.  I had found some cute little outfits on sale and suddenly had visions of a group of little girls at a party dressed alike.  All the little girls from Natalie’s kindy looked so cute in their little outfits.  We did some cookie decorating, played some fun games and Mark’s mum did some works of art on their faces (she announced she was retiring from facepainting after the event but I know talent when I see it!).  She and my mum were life-savers helping me with the food.  Our furniture had only just made it back onto the floor the day before the party so I didn’t have time to do most of what I’d planned in terms of food but they well and truly made up for it – it all looked fabulous!  My husband is the cake decorator in our house.  Yes, you did read that right.  The reason is that while I was decorating Natalie’s 1st birthday cake he stood behind me nervously and kept trying to take over.  So, I announced that he was welcome to do all the cakes from then on and he has ever since.  I make the cakes and find the decorations and he does the rest.  He does a fabulous job.  Natalie had a fabulous time at the party.  It’s sad that all these little girls she’s gotten to know so well at kindy will be moving on to different schools this year but I hope photos like this will help her remember the great time she’s had and friends she’s made.