[30 Day Challenge – Day 24]

Natalie’s First Day of School

I can’t believe the day has arrived for my little girl to start school.  I woke up this morning with butterflys in my stomach – I’m not sure why because I knew she’d enjoy herself and I was right.  I was doing some work on the computer this morning when she came into me with her uniform on – I couldn’t believe how grown up she looked.  Then an hour later when she was all ready and watching play-school while we finished getting ready I remember she’s also still very much a little girl.  School might be starting but I have a feeling there are still a few years of little girl fun in her before she starts to grow up for good.  Thank goodness they don’t grow overnight so we can get used to it.  It’s hard to get too creative with first day of school photos – especially when you subject is nervous and dazed with excitment.  Maybe we’ll do some more creative school photos later down the track.

I thought I’d post a photo of the getting ready for school chart I made for Natalie – because I’m so proud of it :-).  I found the velcro dots in bunnings and did the rest on the computer with clip-art.  Then laminated sheet and the little pictures.  She loves it and hopefully it will help keep us on track in the mornings.